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Complete Physical Examination done for Screening Purposes

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Complete Annual Physicals

Dear Patients of the Family Practice Doctors at Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic (SPMC) and Walk-In Clinic,


As you are aware, the family doctor shortage in Victoria continues to worsen. We have recently witnessed the closure of Walk-in clinics at Eagle Creek, Gordon Head, Colwood as well as numerous community physician retirements. We have lost two family physicians at Saanich Plaza in 2021, and most recently one of our long-time walk-in clinic doctors has retired. Newly graduating family physicians are choosing to work in salaried positions, as hospitalists, or moving away from Victoria entirely due to the high cost of living and poor remuneration. Remuneration for the standard office visit has been unchanged for nearly 15 years, while our operating costs have continued to climb.

Furthermore, the fee guide does not reimburse physicians for an annual complete physical examination done for SCREENING purposes (1). Despite this, our doctors have continued to provide annual physicals as a courtesy without being able to properly bill for this service. This is completely untenable from a business perspective. As a result of this, effective immediately SPMC Family Practice doctors will no longer be providing the non-insured MSP service of an annual screening physical exam "free of charge". The cost of this OPTIONAL service will be set at $234 in accordance with the recommended fee from Doctors of BC, adjusted annually for inflation (2). For patients unable to pay the entire sum at once, there will be an option to pay on a monthly recurring basis.


We also wish to clarify that all SPMC Family Practice doctors will continue to see patients for all medically necessary services, and will be practicing in strict compliance with the rules and regulations set out by the College of Physicians and Surgeons (3) as well as the government of British Columbia. If patients require a COMPLETE physical examination for a MEDICALLY NECESSARY reason (e.g. an issue warranting a head-to-toe examination as opposed to a targeted exam of a single body system), we reassure you that this will be done and billed to the Medical Services Plan directly.


At Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic we still strongly believe in the principles of public Medicare and will continue to work within the confines of the system. Deciding not to purchase this optional service or not having the ability to pay will not result in termination of the doctor patient relationship. Finally, if there are questions regarding charging for non-insured services, we would refer you to our regulator, the College of Physicians and Surgeons website practice standard on non-insured services. For your convenience, links are provided below.


If you wish to book an annual screening physical examination with your physician at this time, please feel free to fill in the form above and we will contact you or you can phone at 250-475-3331 extension 2 , as you would for any other regular appointment. Walk-in Clinic patients are also able to access this service for the same fee by calling 250-475-1101 extension 1.




Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic


1 Services not covered by MSP

2 Inflation

College of Physicans and Surgeons of BC




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