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We are a Family Medical Practice and Public Clinic

Family Physicians Appointments

To schedule an appointment with one of our family physicians, please call 250-475-3331 / Ext. 2



No prior appointment is necessary for the walk-in clinic however you need to book in a time, please call 250-475-1101 / Ext. 1

Click here for walk-in wait times

Medical Services


All our physicians are trained in family medicine to provide comprehensive, continuous care to patients and families of all ages, including children and the elderly.

These include:


  • ​WWWWellness child checks (excluding routine child vaccines)

  • Chronic disease management (diabetes, hypertension, heart disease and others)

  • Preventative health checks


We offer a variety of services in minor surgery and procedures, including:


  • Wart and other liquid nitrogen treatments

  • Routine skin excisions and skin biopsies

  • Pap smearsP


Please note that there is a private fee for any strictly cosmetic or uninsured services.

Uninsured Services

Not all services provided by a doctor are covered under the Medical Services Plan (MSP) or other medical plans (i.e. Blue Cross, Sun Life, etc.). These services are billed directly to the patient.


These include:

  • Aviation medical tests

  • Sick notes

  • Insurance forms or medicals

  • Driver's medicals

  • Ocupational health exams

  • Chart transfers or copies

FAQ / Clinic Policy

How Do I Book An Appointment

Family Physicians Appointments

To schedule an appointment with one of our family physicians, please call 250-475-3331 / Ext. 2


Family Practice Physician Offices

Monday to Friday from 8:00 am to 4:30 pm


Walk-in Clinic

No appointment is necessary for the walk-in clinic, please call 250-475-1101 / Ext. 1

Click here for walk-in wait times and current clinic hours.

7 Days a Week from 8:00 am to 8:30 pm



Routine visits are scheduled for 10 minutes and complete examinations for 20 minutes. 


If you have multiple issues, please focus on your main problem. Our physicians will do our best to address all your concerns efficiently. However, if they feel your concern is complex and requires more time, you may be asked to return for another appointment.


Please book an appointment with your physician to renew your prescriptions before they run out. 

Physicians typically write prescriptions to run out at a time when they would like to reassess your condition and ensure safe and effective care.

If your prescriptions run out before your appointment, please ask your pharmacist for a short-term, emergency refill.


Please book an appointment with your physician to review test results. Our office assistants are unable to reveal test results by phone request. 

While we attempt to contact all patients with abnormal results, please do not assume that no news is good news. We encourage patients book an appointment 7-10 days after any investigations to discuss results. 


To improve access to our physicians, if you wish to cancel your appointment, please call at least 24 hours beforehand.

There will be a fee for no shows/late shows/late cancellations ($40 for 10 minute appointments, $80 for 20 minute appointments). Late shows may be re-scheduled for a later time or another day.


Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic has a Zero Tolerance Policy regarding:


verbal abuse, displays of aggression, or harassment directed towards patients, physicians and staff

breach of security, fraudulent actions, or trespass

any actions which impede the health care process at the clinic

Individuals violating any of the above will be immediately denied service, asked to leave the premises and be subject to permanent cancellation of medical management services by any Saanich Plaza Medical Clinic physicians.

Walk-in Clinic

At our walk-in clinic, you can see a doctor without having to make an appointment. We provide the same treatment options for walk-in patients and those who make an appointment.

Aviation Medicals

Dr. Salmaniw is offering Aviation Medical treatment services. If you need an Aviation Medical, please call us at 250-475-3331 to schedule your appointment.

Doctor icon

Our Doctors

Our physicians, nurses, assistants and staff all strive to give the highest level of care to our patients and families.

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Walk-in Services

At our clinic, we accept patients who seek medical care without prior appointments.

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PAP Tests

We offer  appointments for PAP Tests. Click the Link below and fill in the form requesting a Pap test.

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